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Reasons Companies Hire Us

  • They do not realize the missed extra income opportunities.

  • They do not know how to create a sales force from scratch.

  • They are too scared to handle the sales themselves.

  • They do not want the headache.

  • They do not want to deal with the turnover.

  • They do not have the time.

  • They like the new extra income.

  • They tried it and could not make it work.

  • They tried it with limited success, and cannot seem to scale/grow it.

  • They are scared to take the risks of the cost of salaries, advertising to recruit, and
    train a salesforce.

  • They cannot find quality, reliable management, trainers, and sales people.

Benefits of Hiring Us

  • Are you already making money from existing webinars, workshops, and boot camps?

  • We specialize in finding “found money” from no sales from webinars, workshops, and boot camps.

  • Found money: upsales from webinars, workshops, and boot camps. We consistently upsell 40 to 60% of your clients that have previously purchased something from you!

  • Found money from increased order averages.

  • Found money in increased closing ratios.

  • The cost is much less. No office space, internet, phone service, or long distance to pay for.

Areas of Practice You May Qualify For

We deploy one of our Professional Sales Practitioners to the cities of your choice. You will provide the room and the prospects and we will present from stage, close from the back of the room,  get the contracts signed, and bring in the money!

Work Shops

We do all your Joint Venturing and coordinate your marketing. We branch business opportunities and creating substantial growth in lead generation and list building in the education, coaching and mentoring of most any industry.

Joint Venture Partnering

We deploy our team of Professional Sales Practitioners that have been well trained on your particular products and services. We install a sales process and execute that process for you. You handle them at the door and present from stage and we handle the rest.

Boot Camps

The Prosperity Club provides pre-event sales and post-event sales. Our Professional Sales Practitioners have experience selling products and training from $1,000 to $250,000.

Sales by Phone

Tel:  832-641-5377

Houston, TX, USA

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:


The Prosperity Club, LLC.

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The Prosperity Club is comprised of a select group of professional sales practitioners. Our members come with a vast amount of experience (over 450 years collectively) in a multitude of verticals. The Prosperity Club is a fully cohesive team that for the most part, has been working together since the early 1990’s. Simply put, we are a club of Professional Sales Practitioner Consultants and a sales force of Professional Sales Practitioners for hire.


What is a “Professional Sales Practitioner”?


 A Professional Sales Practitioner is past highly trained. He over time has mastered his craft to the point of creating, instead of copying training he has used for years. He creates new angles of assessing situations, and new solutions to problems, most of the time not seen or heard of before.


About Us
Cost of Services

The Prosperity Club, LLC
A Club of Professional Sales Practitioners

Cost of Services

We customize the cost of our services per client. Several factors can come into play when evaluating a client for us. How long have you been in business? Do you have something that already works, or is it an idea/experiment that you want to test? How financially stable is your company? What kind of marketing are you currently doing? Is it proven? What are your conversion rates? What is your order average? What size of prospect list do you have? What size of client base do you have? Do you have an upsell product? What kind of reputation do you have? Some, more, or all of these we will consider. Etc.…

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